Рингтон: Joyner Lucas — 10 bands

Joyner Lucas - 10 bands
Исполнитель: Joyner Lucas
Название: 10 bands
Категория: Зарубежные
Жанр: Рэп
Просмотров: 487
Скачиваний: 1
Размер: 2.08 Mb
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Men lie, women lie, niggas lie, yeah
I'ma ride 'long as I'm alive, whoa (boop, boop)
Homicide, kill 'em like genocide, yeah (brrap, brrap)
Get it on camera, televise, whoa (boop, boop)
ADHD, I identify, uh (brrap, brrap)
Look at my feelings, I'm civilized, yeah
Analyzed, and I might spin a knife with a dyke (brrap, brrap)
Get it right, bitch, if I hit it right, uh
I remember scraping at the quarters (uh-huh, quarters)
Drinkin' from the sink to get some water (uh-huh, water)
Tryna pay the rent I couldn't afford it (uh-huh)
Stressin' made a nigga bipolar (uh-huh, woo!)
Washing machine out of order (uh-huh, order)
Nigga had to hustle on the corner (uh-huh, corner)
Now I'm back, I'm four from the border
Saving up h*es like a hoarder
Ten bands (woo), twenty bands (what?)
She'll do anything for a couple grand (yeah)
Never had no money but she love to dance (woo)
And I gave all my money back to Uncle Sam
My ex b*tch still want another chance (yeah)
Man, I swear, I'll never fall in love again (boop)
I done came up, I'm the f*ckin' man (woo)
Me and Timbaland got other plans (woo)
You don't really know what you up against (boop)
Boy, you know I always had the upper hand
You ain't never been through the struggle, man (ah)
Home-made grits in the oven pan (boop)
You don't want sh*t, you don't wanna dance (woo)
Two shots, make 'em do the runnin' man
Someone said, "Love is a drug" (uh-huh)
I don't wanna ever take drugs again (boop!)