Рингтон: Lil Skies — Magic

Lil Skies - Magic
Исполнитель: Lil Skies
Название: Magic
Категория: Зарубежные
Жанр: Рэп
Просмотров: 588
Скачиваний: 11
Размер: 1.95 Mb
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Roll one up and hit this magic (Yeah)
With the gang, we ball out, it could get tragic (Let's go)
All we got, we gon' let you niggas have it (Woo woo)
Stuck in my ways, think I need to change my habits (Woo woo)
What would you do if you were me and didn't have shit? (Yeah)
Look in the mirror, now I'm feeling like a savage (Let's go)
Tell my son I love him, for him, I'ma make it happen (Woo woo)
Now my dreams reality, not going back to trapping (Woo woo)
You say that you proud of me, I turn my back, you laughing
Now I hit the scene, they like lights camera action
Living in a dream, now my music they be blasting (Yeah)
Step out, I'm a star, always in the latest fashion
Had to set the bar, niggas try to catch me lacking
Bank account for my son, he won't have to struggle
You can see it in my eyes, all I do is hustle
They tried to knock me off my feet, I'm ready to rumble
Feel like I ain't ate in weeks, working off the muscle
Oh yeah, oh my, we ride, for my brothers no lie
All you niggas can die, never wrong, they right
I ain't changing my side, yeah, we in it for life
If you down, we ride...

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